Eat Fit NOLA Logo Horizontal GrayHK NOLA is very excited to be a part of Ochsner’s EAT FIT NOLA program.  This great program revolves around making it easier for locals to eat nutritiously, without giving up the deliciousness we all expect from New Orleans food. Since August 2014, we have featured EAT FIT NOLA approved items on our menu.  We encourage you to visit Eat Fit NOLA online where you can read about how the program works, and see what other restaurants are participating. And of course, we would love you to try an Eat Fit NOLA approved item next time you dine at HK.

HK NOLA provides full service catering year round, for groups of any size – whether a pick up lunch order for your co-workers or a elegant anniversary dinner we got you covered. We specialize in creating meals that are both nutritious and delicious, and have experience crafting food to fit any diet. Visit our Catering Page to learn more and browse our seasonal menu. To place a catering order please call our catering coordinator Amanda at 504-444-4113.

Crescent City Farmers Market

Image result for crescent city farmers marketHK is a proud customer and champion of the Crescent City Farmers Market, an important community organization that supports local economies by hosting four farmers markets each week in New Orleans. Harveen and Wayne have been longtime customers of the Tuesday morning market on Broadway St, and have come to befriend farmers, organizers, and other restaurant owners at this delightful weekly outdoor market. Since 2014 HK has been featured as a Green Plate Special Vendor at the Tuesday market, cooking up fresh food on site to treat farmers and shoppers alike. The CCFM is our most direct link with farmers and community members and it is always regenerating to visit the market each week and buy produce, fish, and seasonal delicacies.

Boopsie’s Boxes

BB logo darkerWe proudly use bio-degrable and compostable disposable to-go boxes provided by New Orleans’s own Boopsie’s Boxes.  Offering free delivery in New Orleans and Jefferson Parish, Boopsie’s Boxes is best value source for ‘green’ disposable products in the area.  We recommend their services to any restaurant seeking to reduce their environmental footprint without overpaying for products.

The Eat Local Challenge

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Since 2014, HK has been a proud participant in the New Orleans Eat Local Challenge – an annual celebration of local food and sustainability minded restaurants. In the month of June the challenge encourages locals to only eat at restaurants and cafes that create meals made from ingredients produced within 200 miles of New Orleans. We always enjoy running a special ELC creation for the month of June, made from fish, produce, and herbs we purchase from our producer friends at the Crescent City Farmers Market.

Our Garden

One of our proudest accomplishments in 5+ years of business has been the rapid development of HK’s Garden! Starting as a weekend project for Harveen and Wayne, the garden has grown to supply fresh greens and veggies to the kitchen twice weekly. We can think of no better way to create community through food than to complete the circle between growers and eaters in a local, streamlined way. Our garden is always growing! Email us at if you would like more information or to get involved.

Our Community

Our bottom line is multifaceted; it includes a better livelihood for farmers, a smaller environmental footprint, a living wage for our employees, and our own capability to support local non-profits, schools, artistic organizations and community groups.

At HK we strive to connect our neighbors with the people who produce their food. Our restaurant is located in an innovative community center that uses thought-provoking and fun programming to deepen our relationship to food and each other. In addition to providing a space to eat and learn, we are directly involved in food cultivation.  We are working towards our own organic farm – a community space in itself that will supply the kitchen with produce and salad greens.


Our staff gets excited when we perfect a falafel recipe, tastes local produce in season, or cuts into a juicy summer peach. We love to talk about food and share it with our guests, from how a product is made or grown to how it can be enjoyed in a dish.


We partner with farmers, ranchers and other artisans of handmade food to ensure we provide the best products out there. The fruits of their work are the ingredients that feed and sustain our community, and we are grateful for their stewardship.  Now we are working on our own cultivation projects, the results of which are select ingredients we use in the kitchen.


We wouldn’t be here without our guests, who we learn from every day. When they walk in our door they are part of our family, and we’re conscientious of how we feed them. We are grateful for their support every day.


Although commonly an afterthought in today’s business world, the natural environment is the basis for all human life on earth, especially when it comes to feeding our loved ones.  The decisions we all make as either businesses or individuals have a lasting impact on our collective future.  These meditations influence how we do business.  Since our inception we’ve made decisions that minimize our impact on natural resources, including using “green” cleaning products and supplies, composting organic waste, and recycling.  Whenever viable we work with small farmers directly and spend our own resources to grow both food and environmental awareness in New Orleans.


We cultivate meaningful relationships among our staff, guests, producers, and the broader community. HK is supported by the neighborhoods around it, and devotes resources towards supporting local vendors, non-profits, schools, and artistic organizations.