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Smoked Salmon on Bagel  Chicken Stock  Veggie Burger Patties

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HK offers pick-up deli items during normal operating hours. To guarantee we are in stock of an item feel free to call us at 504-909-9919, or email  Our Deli Menu with prices can be found below, at the above link.

HK NOLA provides full service catering year round, for groups of any size – whether a pick up lunch order for your co-workers or a elegant anniversary dinner we got you covered. We specialize in creating meals that are both nutritious and delicious, and have experience crafting food to fit any diet. Visit our Catering Page to learn more and browse our seasonal menu. To place a catering order please call our catering coordinator Amanda at 504-444-4113.


All cured, smoked and roasted fish, meat, poultry and veggies are prepared in house from scratch, so we ask that orders be placed 72 hours in advance of your event.                                      

House Lox – 22.49 – ½ lb
Our delicious salmon is cured in house with a mild brine, and then cold-smoked to perfection. Go the classic route and pair with a bagel, cream cheese, onions, and capers or add to a quiche, scramble, or frittata.

Sliced House Pastrami – 12.65 / 1/4lb      24 / 1/2lb      45 / lb
Cured and smoked in house for two weeks, our Pastrami is sure to be the star of the party

16-Hour Braised Brisket 9.5 / 1/4lb      18 / 1/2lb      36 / lb
This brisket is cooked low and slow and creates the best sandwich ever when paired with our house made Challah

Walnut and Sundried Fruit Charoset– 5 – ½ pint

Potato Latkes– 2.50 each
Our crispy potato pancakes are a true showstopper. You don’t need to be Jewish to enjoy these delights. Top them with our organic applesauce or house lox- oh myyyy you are in for a treat!

House Pickles – 10 / dozen

Organic Schmaltz  – 6.50 – 8 oz
Rendered chicken fat is great for frying potatoes and onions, sautéing vegetables or searing meat.

Shakshuka  – 13.49 / pint
Stewed Onions, Peppers and Tomatoes. We top ours with a Fried Yard Egg!

Organic Apple Sauce  – 4.94 / ½ pint
Our delicious organic applesauce has no added sugar, but it’s sweet enough from the juicy organic apples. Try it with our crispy potato latkes- yum!

Organic Chicken Stock  – 9 / 32oz
Our chicken stock is a great all-purpose base for any soup. Perfect for gravy, its hearty profile is excellent for sauces and braised meats.

Matzo Ball Soup – 6.99 / 10oz
A comforting and classic favorite

Sambar Stew – 8.99 / pint
Fragrant spicy lentil stew

Spicy Tomato Soup – 8.99 / pint
Seriously awesome!

Salsa Verde – 5.99 / ½ pint
Made with caramelized tomatillos and a ton of flavor!

Chai Tea – 8.99 / pint
Our signature chai spice blend married perfectly with soy milk- great hot or on ice!

Braided Challah – 6 / loaf
I Challah, you Challah, we all Challah for Challah

 Bagels – 2 / Each

Hamburger Buns – 4 for 5

Hot Dog Buns – 4 for 5

Half Pan- 8.5 inches x 12 inches -8 / V
Full Pan- 17 inches x 12 inches- 15 / V

Sweet Loaves
Banana Nut Bread – 14
Pumpkin Bread – 14

Hamantaschen Purim Cookies – 24 Per Dozen
Apricot or Strawberry