Our Garden

Photo Of Locally Grown Edible Flowers In Restaurant Garden - HK NOLA
baby greens and edible flowers from the garden

One of our proudest accomplishments in 5+ years of business has been the rapid development of HK’s Garden! Starting as a weekend project for Harveen and Wayne, the garden has grown to supply fresh greens and veggies to the kitchen twice weekly. All year we bring in baby greens, kale, chard, and herbs from our gardens. Plus seasonal fruit and veggies like tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, lemons, limes, cucumber, squash, edible flowers, figs, mellons, berries and more! In the Spring of 2016 we supplied garden greens for every Friday night dinner hosted at HK! Our regular customers love knowing that their greens and veggies are grown by the same people who prepare them.

Photo Of Tomatoes Locally Grown In Restaurant Garden - HK NOLA
our first ripe tomatoes of 2016

We use only organic principles in our garden. We compost all food waste to complete the cycle back into the garden. We practice and support sustainable agriculture because it is the only way to commit the US food economy to local and organic principles. The garden came naturally; it was not planned as a marketing initiative or a big money maker – it was something that we were already doing, so it only made sense to sync it with HK NOLA.

Our garden is always growing.

Photo Of Organic Food Being Planted In New Orleans - HK NOLA
Zach and Kelle plant mellons in the new raised bed

Thanks to the help of a small team – Andrew, Farm, Kelle, Wayne and Harveen – we cleared a small piece of land over the Spring of 2016 in order to expand our garden. We cut down trees, repaired fences, leveled the ground and battled fire ants. We built two compost bins out of recycled pallets, planted 6 fig trees, and constructed a 20ft by 5ft raised bed to nearly double our available growing space.The gardens are now maintained by our own Zach ‘Farm’ Jaffe – a senior at Tulane. If you are interested in volunteering at HK’s Garden please send us an email at Chef@hknola.com.

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