• Grilled Hanger Steak
  • House Made Falafel , Hummus, Tahini, House Salad, Avocado, Flatbread
  • Two Scrambled Eggs, Avocado, Chili Aioli, Croissant/Eng. Muffin
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Harveen Khera+Wayne Greiner– CEO,s Executive Chef

Harveen is the founder of Hippie Kitchen. A 30-year service industry pioneer specializing in the creation and growth of innovative food service businesses, she's created a community through food by partnering with farmers, universities, students, and neighbors. As of 2022 Harveen has pioneered and is debuting the "Good Food Stand" providing real time thoughtfully curated uplifting meals, made by hand daily using organic, premium, non-gmo ingredients. She went back to the drawing board and designed a new space with health and safety of both the employee and customer of the utmost importance. In this model she dives into well being! Nutritious delicious meals, providing a healthy and equitable environment, where employment leads to partnering.

Hippie Kitchen Good Food Stand is located in Harlem, Louisiana, a porch friendly neighborhood, this is where we hang out, share stories with friends and yes eat with our hands. Yes to order and pick up and yes to stand, eat with your hands and enjoy the action in the kitchen through the large picture window.

Harveen was born and brought up in London and made New Orleans her home with love in 2008. She developed the first successful, profitable farm to table, food and beverage model, which was adopted by Tulane University. She created a community through food by partnering with farmers, universities, students, and neighbors. Having developed her craft working within the incredible, dedicated, professional service industry of the Bay Area, she worked alongside recognized Chefs Jeremiah Towers, Joey Altman, Sam Mogannam, Yasu Ueno, Craig Stoll, Nancy Oakes. Her greatest lessons were learnt from the unrecognized cooks, the women and men who worked two shifts a day and shared their skills and life stories. In her twenties she found a small, rundown space overlooking Union Square and transformed it into a hit bar! The Tunnel Top became a magnet for the service industry, as well as locals and tourists. Her passion pulled and next came internationally recognized Tallula, a much-loved restaurant in the Castro, launching the small plate phenomenon featuring contemporary Asian food. In her career Harveen was recruited to manage the successful openings of Brunos, Backflip and John Lee Hooker’s Boom Boom Room and restaurants Delfina, Foreign Cinema, Salt House.

Complete with love - “We have been cooking since we were teenagers and met each other at Boulevard in San Francisco under the watchful eye of Chef Nancy Oakes 25 years ago”. A New Orleanian, Wayne began his culinary career as a teenager under Emeril Lagasse at Commanders Palace. His sense of adventure and desire to excel in cooking led him to work in San Francisco with Chefs Wolfgang Puck, Elka Gilmore, Joyce Goldstein, Nancy Oakes, and Michel Richard. Traveling further, Wayne continued his culinary career working at Le Bernardin, Chef Gilbert Le Coze in NYC, and at Lucas Carton, Chef Alain Senderins in Paris. In 2014 Wayne developed head and neck cancer, wow, life changed. While we focused on feeding him fighting food he painted the most magnificent paintings. Wayne has been drawing and painting longer than cooking and his passion for the brush is relentless. His art is both wondrous and powerful. His original art adorns our walls and t-shirts.

Hippie Kitchen is our family business, love Harveen and Wayne

Hippie Kitchen Good Food Stand, made by hand daily using organic, premium, non-gmo ingredients. Our tasty meals highlight locally sourced ingredients to create the freshest seasonal dishes.


Eat Well- Be Well, Our philosophy is to carefully curate dishes for the season that embraces eating organically and nourish you. As chefs we would like to share how we eat, with peak of the season menus for you to explore. We understand every meal has the power to restore, tell a story and create memory. Our commitment comes from a desire to feed people good food, restorative food that is cooked with natural, organic, unprocessed groceries. Through good food we connect with farmers, purveyors and fishmongers who are making the commitment to offer premium products. Eating well gasses our local community, ensures the longevity of our health and shares a story of how connected we are. Eating well has helped our family battle cancer, we understand the need for the best tools to fight back. As a woman I know that having access to eating well, meals prepared with my needs in mind that are nutritionally sound is where my life energy emerges. We want to share that with you!


In our kitchen we prepare small batches of handcrafted meals fresh daily. Our bakery crafts organic breads, morning rolls and sweet treats for the day as coffee begins to brew. Enjoy Hippie Kitchen Good Drinks all day from freshly brewed teas, refreshing tonics, coolers to handcrafted coffee drinks. Hippie kitchen breakfast menu offers neighborhood favorites like Smashed Avocado on Freshly Baked Sourdough.

Lunch introduces Hippie kitchen offerings, Sandwiches arrive bundled on housemade breads from “Jimmy Club” Chicken Breast, Avocado, “The Woodruff” Hummus, Veggies to Locally sourced “Sweetwater” Drum, Crab, Shrimp. Scrumptious salads lovingly crafted to brighten and balance. Uplifting Bowls and Wraps from “Super Rolls to Dathel” explore all of our delicious options on our seasonal menu.

Shake off the weekday crazy with Family Meals, a week day menu offering Delicious Healthy Meals for hungry appetites with a non stop schedule.

Just the two of us, Pick up the Mid Week and Travel by Good Food with “Curry in a Hurry” World flavors with fresh local ingredients offered.

Catering is available for any occasion and number of guests. Reach out!